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Ukrainian parliament to discuss banning “propaganda of Communist ideology”

The party of Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatseniuk, Popular Front, has introduced a draft law on the “banning the propaganda of Communist ideology in Ukraine” – the draft has been introduced on December 18 by the head of the Popular Front … Continue reading

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Antratsyt, Luhansk: workers restart production at state owned Luganskugleremont factory

Workers at the state-owned mining equipment manufacturing plant Luganskugleremont in Antratsyt, Luhansk, have organised and managed to restart production. The plant, which at its peak employed nearly 2000 workers, had fallen idle as the old management was selling it off as … Continue reading

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Perspectives for the People’s Republics: The external and domestic struggle of the left and progressive forces

Peter Mikhailenko. Just a few weeks after signing the ceasefire with the rebel republics on September 5th, Poroshenko could be seen on CSPAN, asking a session of the US Congress for more lethal military equipment. It is becoming clearer every … Continue reading

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The far right in the new Ukrainian Parliament

A number of far right parties and individuals were elected to the Ukrainian Parliament (Rada) in the recent elections on October 26 in the lists of different parties or standing in single-mandate constituencies. Some are now part of the government majority … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Reorganisation of the Left – New developments in the East

An interview with M, a member of Borotba about the political situation in the Donbas and recent developments there.

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Communist Party offices in Kyiv attacked by neo-nazis

In the evening of December 10, a group of about 20 balaclava-clad neo-nazi thugs armed with iron rods, hammers and police truncheons attacked the offices of the Shevchenko Disctrict Committee of Communist Party of Ukraine in Kyiv. As a result one … Continue reading

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Stop the plunder of Ukraine – London “Investment Summit” protest, December 9

Picket the Ukrainian Investment Summit to protest at the whole sale privatisation of state property and other austerity measures imposed by the IMF and the EU and implemented by the new government of Poroshenko – Yatseniuk which is waging war … Continue reading

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