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Ukrainian parliament to discuss banning “propaganda of Communist ideology”

The party of Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatseniuk, Popular Front, has introduced a draft law on the “banning the propaganda of Communist ideology in Ukraine” – the draft has been introduced on December 18 by the head of the Popular Front … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Thousands of far right supporters mark anniversary of genocidal UPA

On October 14 thousands marched in several Ukrainian cities to mark the anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), the WWII organisation which collaborated with Nazi Germany and carried out genocide against Poles and Jews. President Poroshenko … Continue reading

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Ukraine disbands Communist parliamentary faction – moves to ban Party

On July 24, Ukranian Rada speaker Turchynov used new powers to dissolve the Communist Party parliamentary faction. On the same day a court case started in Kiev, presented by the Minister of Justice, asking for a ban on the Communist … Continue reading

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