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Babi Yar holocaust site vandalised by Nazis for the 6th time this year

On September 13, the first day of the Jewish new year celebration, a group of nazis desecrated the memorial to over 33,000 Jews killed in 1941 over two days at the Babi Yar ravine in Kiev. Jewish organisations complained about the passivity … Continue reading

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The far right in the new Ukrainian Parliament

A number of far right parties and individuals were elected to the Ukrainian Parliament (Rada) in the recent elections on October 26 in the lists of different parties or standing in single-mandate constituencies. Some are now part of the government majority … Continue reading

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“Patriot of Ukraine” neo-nazi militant appointed as Kiev head of police

Vadim Troyan, deputy commander of the neo-nazi Azov Regiment and active member of the neo-nazi paramilitary organisation Patriot of Ukraine (the paramilitary wing of the Social-Nationalist Assembly) has been appointed by Ukraine Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov as the head … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Thousands of far right supporters mark anniversary of genocidal UPA

On October 14 thousands marched in several Ukrainian cities to mark the anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), the WWII organisation which collaborated with Nazi Germany and carried out genocide against Poles and Jews. President Poroshenko … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Nazi storm-troopers for the EU and austerity

We publish here a detailed analysis by Dmitry Kolesnik, editor of the Ukrainian left wing website Liva, about the influence and role of far right and fascist paramilitary gangs in Ukraine today.

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Communist Party anti-war rally attacked in Kharkov

On Saturday, September 27 the Communist Party (KPU) had called a “March for Peace”. The call was banned by the authorities and the rally was attacked by fascist thugs. The police then proceeded to arrest dozens of protesters, including the … Continue reading

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German TV Shows Nazi Symbols on Helmets of Ukraine Soldiers

A news broadcast by German ZDF station on September 8 showed soldiers of the Ukraine Azov Battalion near Mariupol with Nazi symbols on their helmets. 

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Far right MP Oleg Lyashko intimidation in the East

A report by VICE News shows far right Ukrainian MP Lyashko conducting illegal arrests and threatening to shot people in the Donbas.

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Foreign nazis join neo-nazi led Ministry of Interior Azov Battalion

Stories about the presence of foreign nazis fighting in Kiev’s “anti-terrorist operation” as part of the Azov Battalion have been circulating for some time. Now two reports by the BBC and the Irish Times provide more details about them and about … Continue reading

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More neo-nazis take oath as members of Azov Battalion

On Monday June 23, a group of 300 neo-nazis took an oath in Kiev as members of the Azov Battalion of the Ministry of Interior to be sent to the East as part of Kiev’s “Anti Terrorist Operation” against the … Continue reading

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