London May 2: Justice for Odessa!

We demand the fascists who fire bombed and murdered 42 people in the Trade Union House of Odessa on 2 May 2014 are found and brought to justice! No impunity for Banderite fascists! On May 2nd, 2015 we will gather outside the Ukrainian embassy in London to demand JUSTICE FOR ODESSA – NO IMPUNITY FOR FASCIST KILLERS Continue reading

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Lugansk Communists invite international comrades

AISdonbassInvitation to the International Solidarity Forum: “Anti-fascism, Internationalism and Solidarity”, Lugansk, May 8 Continue reading

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Statement of the Left Forces of Lugansk People’s Republic

Luhanks ForumOn the 9th of April left forces of Lugansk People’s Republic united in a regional forum to define next steps to undertake in the struggle for the best future of Donbass. They agreed on a “Unity Declaration” which we publish here. Continue reading

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PRESS RELEASE: Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine condemns the banning of Communist symbols in Ukraine

The British campaign group Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine condemns the banning of Communist symbols in Ukraine. Continue reading

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Ukranian Parliament bans communist symbols and legitimises nazi-collaborators

Banned in Ukraine

On April 9, the Ukranian Rada passed 4 pieces of legislation submitted by the government, which ban all symbols and propaganda of Communism. After the law comes into effect, any monuments for Communist figures which have not already been destroyed by fascist thugs in the last few months must be demolished. Also any cities and streets which named after communists are supposed to be renamed. Continue reading

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The Toronto Symphony Orchestra Silences Valentina Lisitsa’s Music

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It is no secret that nowadays many alternative media activists face appalling state-sponsored censorship in many nominally free and democratic Western countries. Now it seems that such censorship has penetrated much deeper than we have come to expect. Art itself, the truest form of free expression, is being silenced.

Screenshot 2015-04-06 18.30.47

Valentina Lisitsa is a brilliant musician, a famous virtuoso pianist, also known for publicly expressing her opinion on the Ukrainian conflict through her Twitter account. She is a good friend of the Slavyangrad Team and has kindly translated a number of articles for our publication. Her views are always insightful and she has never made them a secret. We are lucky to have Valentina’s first-hand account about dealings with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (“TSO”), which has decided to cancel her concert because of her political opinions. The TSO’s decision to silence Valentina’s music because she has exercised her inviolable right to express her beliefs is a message to all artists that the…

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Neo-Nazi Dmytro Yarosh appointed as Advisor to the Chief of General Staff

Dmytro YaroshOn Sunday, April 5, Neo-Nazi leader of the Right Sector Dmytro Yarosh was appointed as Advisor to the Chief of General Staff of the Ukrainian Army. The move is part of a deal which gives legal status to the Right Sector’s paramilitary wing, Ukrainian Volunteer Corps (DUK), which will now be paid and supplied by the Ministry of Defence while retaining a great degree of autonomy.  Continue reading

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