Banda Bassotti statement on the 2nd Antifascist Caravan to the Donbass

11210369_10152950122708983_1384837663_nWe are back from the second Antifascist Caravan in Donbass and it’s time for us to share with you our sincere thoughts. All the targets we have set for our second Antifascist Caravan have been achieved. We aimed to bring the International and Internationalist solidarity in Donbass breaking the noisy wall of silence. Continue reading

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WFTU general secretary condemns EU and US support for Ukrainian fascists

“we condemn EU, US and their allies that support the Government of Ukraine and the fascists of Right Sector. It’s unacceptable for the workers and peoples to pay the contradictions and antagonisms of the imperialists ” George Mavrikos, general secretary of the World Federation of Trade Unions during the Victory over Fascism celebrations in Moscow

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[VIDEO] Banda Bassotti and International Antifascist Forum participants say farewell to Alchevsk

Before their departure, Banda Bassotti and members of the international anti-fascist forum in Alchevsk decided to take a group photo with the monument to Lenin in the background. First we shouted in unison “No Pasaran!” Then one of the visitors began to sing “The Internationale” and a moment later the great proletarian anthem sounded in several languages. Local residents were delighted! (via Alexey Markov)

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Report and statements from the antifascist caravan and the antifascist international forum

11251469_10152950133563983_1710181770_nA delegation from the British campaign ‘solidarity with the antifascist resistance in ukraine’ (SARU) participated in the Banda Bassotti antifascist caravan to the Donbas along with delegations from Italy, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey and Peru to bring humanitarian relief and show solidarity with the people’s of Donbas in their struggle against the Kiev Junta, a coalition of neoliberal thieves and fascist thugs brought to power after the western backed coup in February last year.
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Donbass International Solidarity Forum draws representatives from 13 countries

Initiated by the Communists of Lugansk, an International Solidarity Forum with residents of Donbass, “Antifascism, Internationalism, Solidarity,” took place on May 8 in Alchevsk. Continue reading

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Report of Donbass Solidarity Caravan

We republish this report originally published in Greek of the international solidarity caravan with the Donbass initiated by the Banda Bassoti, the International Forum of Left forces in Lugansk and the victory against nazism 70 anniversary celebrations. Continue reading

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London protest demands justice for Odessa

DSC_0091Over 60 people gathered outside the Ukraine embassy in London on May 2, to mark the first anniversary of the Odessa massacre when dozens of people were killed as fascist thugs attacked an anti-Maidan protest camp and set the Trade Union house on fire. No one has faced trial for these murders, and so its anniversary was marked around the world yesterday including in London.

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