London: protesters attack ban on Communist Party Ukraine’s

ukrainepicket19JanCAMPAIGNERS rallied outside the Ukrainian embassy yesterday [January 19] in protest at Kiev’s ban on communist politics. [Morning Star report] Continue reading

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Early Day Motion in the British parliament against Ukrainian Communist Party ban

bigFour members of the British parliament, two Labour and two SNP, have tabled an Early Day Motion to raise concerns about the banning of the Ukrainian Communist Party. The motion calls on the UK government to raise the issue with the Ukrainian government and also for “the ban to be addressed by the EU-Ukraine Association Council as it violates the terms of the EU Association Agreement regarding good governance”. Continue reading

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Ukraine bans Communist Party

bigAs a culmination of a campaign of legal harassment and physical attacks which started with the victory of the Maidan movement in February 2014, on December 16, the District Administrative Court of Kiev banned the Communist Party of Ukraine. Continue reading

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Rivne: Local head of Trade Union Federation attacked by fascist thugs

1449571956On December 8 a group of “Maidan activists”, including members of the far right UNSO organisation (Ukrainian National Self Defence) attacked the local head of the Trade Union Federation in Rivne, Mykola Shershun, and forced him into a rubbish container.  Continue reading

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May 2 massacre remembrance attacked by Automaidan thugs in Odessa

On November 2, relatives and friends of the victims of the Odessa massacre gathered at the Kulikovo field in remembrance as they do on the second of every month to mark the events on May 2, 2014. This time they were attacked by thugs from Automaidan who assaulted them and burnt down a poster with pictures of the victims. The Automaidan “activists” were led by Eugene Rezvushkin, a leading member of this paramilitary organisation which is supposed to be under house arrest.  Continue reading

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Anti-fascist campaigners protest Parubiy’s visit to London

Anti-fascist campaigners protested the visit of far right Ukrainian politician Andriy Parubiy to London on Friday, October 23. Parubiy meet with a number of MPs (Conservative, Labour and SNP) and spoke at a public meeting during a visit paid by the British tax-payer.  Continue reading

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Who is Andriy Parubiy? Protest UK visit of Ukrainian politician with far right links

Andriy Parubiy, is the deputy speaker of the Ukrainian parliament and a politician with a far right record. He is due to visit the UK to meet with government officials to advocate military aid for Ukraine. Here’s why we will be protesting his visit: Continue reading

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