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Early Day Motion in the British parliament against Ukrainian Communist Party ban

Four members of the British parliament, two Labour and two SNP, have tabled an Early Day Motion to raise concerns about the banning of the Ukrainian Communist Party. The motion calls on the UK government to raise the issue with the … Continue reading

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Ukraine bans Communist Party

As a culmination of a campaign of legal harassment and physical attacks which started with the victory of the Maidan movement in February 2014, on December 16, the District Administrative Court of Kiev banned the Communist Party of Ukraine.

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Ivano-Frankivsk regional council bans Communist and other parties

On April 17, the Ivano-Frankivsk regional council voted to ban the Communist Party, the Opposition Block, the Party of the Regions and the Party of Ukraine “as contrary to the national interest and for violation of the rights and freedoms … Continue reading

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Ukrainian Ministry of Justice: “ban the Communist Party without a court order”

The Communist Party of Ukraine can be disbanded in accordance with the law on “decommunisation” and without a court order.

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Communist Party May Day rallies banned in Kyiv and Kharkiv

After recent the passing of the “decommunisation” laws by the Ukrainian Parliament, the authorities have banned the Communist Party from marching on May Day in Kharkiv and Kyiv. 

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Security Service raids Nikolaev Communist Party offices

As part of a renewed offensive to ban the Communist Party which has included questioning of its general secretary Symonenko, the Ukrainian Security Service SBU raided the Regional offices of the party in Nikolaev on April 23.

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Perspectives for the People’s Republics: The external and domestic struggle of the left and progressive forces

Peter Mikhailenko. Just a few weeks after signing the ceasefire with the rebel republics on September 5th, Poroshenko could be seen on CSPAN, asking a session of the US Congress for more lethal military equipment. It is becoming clearer every … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Reorganisation of the Left – New developments in the East

An interview with M, a member of Borotba about the political situation in the Donbas and recent developments there.

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October Revolution commemoration attacked by fascist thugs in Kharkov and Melitopol

Rallies called to mark the anniversary of the October Revolution on November 7 were attacked by fascist thugs in different parts of Ukraine. In Kharkov, neo-nazi thugs from the Right Sector and the Maidan Self-Defence attacked the rally. In Melitopol … Continue reading

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Communist Party anti-war rally attacked in Kharkov

On Saturday, September 27 the Communist Party (KPU) had called a “March for Peace”. The call was banned by the authorities and the rally was attacked by fascist thugs. The police then proceeded to arrest dozens of protesters, including the … Continue reading

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