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[VIDEO] Alexey Albu: on the Odessa massacre 2nd anniversary

This is a video message from Alexey Albu on the second anniversary of the Odessa massacre. Alexey is a member of the Marxist Organisation Borotba (Struggle), a survivor of the massacre and was at the time  an Odessa Regional Council Deputy. … Continue reading

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Two years after the massacre, campaigners say: Justice for Odessa!

On the second anniversary of the Odessa massacre, in which dozens of people were killed at the House of Trade Unions by far right nationalists, anti-fascist campaigners in London rallied at the Ukraine embassy to demand justice. 

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Odessa: neo-Nazis attack commemoration of city’s Liberation

April 10 marks the anniversary of Odessa’s liberation from Nazism during World War 2. This year, neo-Nazi thugs from the Right Sector, Svoboda, Automaidan and the Maidan Self-Defence attacked those who wanted to commemorate the event and destroyed the Memorial … Continue reading

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May 2 massacre remembrance attacked by Automaidan thugs in Odessa

On November 2, relatives and friends of the victims of the Odessa massacre gathered at the Kulikovo field in remembrance as they do on the second of every month to mark the events on May 2, 2014. This time they … Continue reading

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Right Sector fascists occupy Communist Party headquarters in Odessa

On the night of June 13, armed and masked paramilitary thugs from the Right Sector, Automaidan and Maidan Self-Defence occupied the Odessa regional office of the Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU).

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London May 2: Justice for Odessa!

We demand the fascists who fire bombed and murdered 42 people in the Trade Union House of Odessa on 2 May 2014 are found and brought to justice! No impunity for Banderite fascists! On May 2nd, 2015 we will gather outside … Continue reading

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Odessa Court bans October Revolution and Makhno commemorations

The Odessa District Administrative Court decided to ban two demonstrations which were supposed to take place on November 7: one marking the 126 anniversary of the birth of Ukrainian anarchist Nestor Makhno and the other to commemorate 97 years since the … Continue reading

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Svoboda far right thugs attempt to disrupt Odessa massacre commemoration meeting in Madrid

On October 8, a group of half a dozen well built Ukrainian far right thugs attempted to disrupt a meeting in commemoration of the Odessa massacre at the Complutense University in Madrid, Spain, but were repelled by the students.

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London photo exhibition remembers Odessa massacre 5 months on

A photography exhibition commemorating the victims of the Odessa massacre opened in the Marx Memorial Library in Central London, Thursday.

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Odessa: Fascist Right Sector paramilitaries step up their attacks

In the last few days there have been a series of actions by groups of Right Sector paramilitaries, attempting to take upon themselves police functions with the clear aim of intimidating any potential opponents.

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