Rivne: Local head of Trade Union Federation attacked by fascist thugs

1449571956On December 8 a group of “Maidan activists”, including members of the far right UNSO organisation (Ukrainian National Self Defence) attacked the local head of the Trade Union Federation in Rivne, Mykola Shershun, and forced him into a rubbish container. rivneFTUThe attack took place in the Forestry and Hunting Administration building. The thugs, dress in military fatigues and balaclavas, entered the building in search of the regional head of the Forestry and Hunting administration, Vladimir Hrytsaychuka, whom they want removed from his position.

Since he wasn’t in the building, the thugs decided to grab Mykola Shershun and violently pushed him out of the building. Then they beat him up and forced him into a rubbish container.

Here are two videos of the attack. This one covers the beginning of the assault:

this one which covers the incidents outside the building:

Shershun had to be taken to hospital with a dislocated shoulder and a fractured leg.

The attackers belonged to the far right organisation UNSO, the “Polyssa” organisation of Veterans of the Anti-Terrorist Operation and the Right Sector according to the local VSE news outlet.

One of the leaders of the attack was the local head of UNSO, Andriy Mityuhin. Mityhin is the successor of notorious fascist gangster Oleksander Muzychko, killed in a shoot out with the police in March 2014, after the victory of the Maidan movement.

As well as being a fascist organisation, the Rivne organisation of UNSO has been accused of being involved in racketeering and extorsion.

This is one of many brazen attacks by far right thugs across the country. These attacks take place in broad daylight and their perpetrators act in complete impunity.

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