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Information war for Ukraine – a satirical view from Germany

Excellent edition of the satirical program Anstalt from German TV Channel ZDF on the manipulation and distortion of news about Ukraine in the German media.

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Ukraine: Nazi storm-troopers for the EU and austerity

We publish here a detailed analysis by Dmitry Kolesnik, editor of the Ukrainian left wing website Liva, about the influence and role of far right and fascist paramilitary gangs in Ukraine today.

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Jewish pilgrims fined $15,000 in Uman

Organisers of a traditional Jewish Hasidic pilgrimage in the city of Uman, Ukraine were fined US$15,000 for having erected a tent without a proper licence. The far right Svoboda party had campaigned against the Jewish festival and in previous years … Continue reading

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Communist Party anti-war rally attacked in Kharkov

On Saturday, September 27 the Communist Party (KPU) had called a “March for Peace”. The call was banned by the authorities and the rally was attacked by fascist thugs. The police then proceeded to arrest dozens of protesters, including the … Continue reading

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“Mother, they are killing me, goodbye…”

We publish here the translation of an article which appeared in the local publication Poltavska Dumka about the alleged killing of a soldier by his drunken commander. The article offers a glimpse about the conditions facing soldiers drafted into the Ukrainian … Continue reading

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Ukrainian death squads

“We can only guess: how many other victims of “Aidar” will be known over time – when the patriotic hysteria in Ukraine rushes back as well as the waves of pointlessly shed blood. Then, many of today’s “heroes of Ukraine” … Continue reading

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Greece: meeting in solidarity with antifascist resistance

On Friday 12 September, two days after the successful demonstration to the Ukrainian embassy, the greek Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine campaign held a very succesfull public meeting, with Sergei Kiritchuk from Borotba as main speaker. The meeting … Continue reading

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