Greece: meeting in solidarity with antifascist resistance

On Friday 12 September, two days after the successful demonstration to the Ukrainian embassy, the greek Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine campaign held a very succesfull public meeting, with Sergei Kiritchuk from Borotba as main speaker. The meeting hall in the National Polytechnic School was packed with more than 200 people and the discussion lasted for two hours.
Comrade Kiritsuk made a very interesting speech that provided a clear political analysis on the situation in Ukraine and also important information. After that, there were questions and answers for 45 minutes on important topics such as the recent truce, the policy of the Ukrainian Communist Party, the situation in Western Ukraine, the ways in which the movement in other countries can help the antifascist resistance in Ukraine, etc.

During the whole meeting the mood was very militant. There was also a solidarity greeting from a militant from Kazakhstan who was present and a letter from a group of Luhansk rebels. The militant mood among the participants was also reflected in the impressive outcome of the collection: more than 300 euros were gathered! The meeting was followed by a solidarity party (during which, another 50 euros were gathered).

A report has been published in the Greek campaign’s blog (which includes photos and videos):

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