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October Revolution commemoration attacked by fascist thugs in Kharkov and Melitopol

Rallies called to mark the anniversary of the October Revolution on November 7 were attacked by fascist thugs in different parts of Ukraine. In Kharkov, neo-nazi thugs from the Right Sector and the Maidan Self-Defence attacked the rally. In Melitopol … Continue reading

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Fascist thugs violent attack on defenders of Lenin statute in Kharkov

The day after a the destruction of Lenin’s statue in Kharkov, a small number of people gathered to protest the fact and were violently attacked by fascist thugs.

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“In Ukrainian city of Kharkov, the monument to Vladimir Lenin was recently torn down. The organizers of this operation did not conceal that it was revenge for an attempt by Communist Party activists to hold a Peace March. As you … Continue reading

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Communist Party anti-war rally attacked in Kharkov

On Saturday, September 27 the Communist Party (KPU) had called a “March for Peace”. The call was banned by the authorities and the rally was attacked by fascist thugs. The police then proceeded to arrest dozens of protesters, including the … Continue reading

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Kharkov: fascist thugs disperse Communist Party rally against price increases

On September 18 a gang of fascist thugs drawn mainly from ultras from the local Metallist football team attacked a Communist Party rally protesting against price increases and Kiev’s so-called “anti-terrorist operation” against the Donbass. 

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Kharkovites took to the streets to protest ‘economic reforms’

An action for a “decent standard of living” took place July 1 in Kharkov before the Regional State Administration. 

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Kharkov rise up, expel the fascists! (June 22)

A demonstration called by the Communist Party and other organisations took place on June 22 in Kharkov. The day marks the anniversary of the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. The main slogan of the demonstration was “Kharkov … Continue reading

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Kharkov tank factory: rally against the ‘anti-terrorist operation’

A protest was held outside the VA Malyshev tank factory in Kharkov, which received an order for 400 armored vehicles from the Kiev junta. These weapons will be sent to the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics for the continuation of hostilities.

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