Jewish pilgrims fined $15,000 in Uman

Organisers of a traditional Jewish Hasidic pilgrimage in the city of Uman, Ukraine were fined US$15,000 for having erected a tent without a proper licence. The far right Svoboda party had campaigned against the Jewish festival and in previous years had organised violent rallies and marches against it.

Svoboda supporters against Hasidic Jews in Uman, 2011

For instance in 2011, there were clashes in Uman on the 25th of September as supporters of the far right party Svoboda tried to march in protest at a traditional festival of the Hasidic Jews taking place in the town.

About 200 people gathered for the march, which had been declared illegal, under the slogan “Uman without Hasidim” as reported in

“Uman – a Ukrainian City”

As Svoboda supporters and deputies gathered and attempted to go ahead with the march, several were arrested by the police.

Traditionally, Hasidic Jews have celebrated the festival of Rosh Hashanah in Uman as the remains of the founder of the Hasidic Breslov sect, Rebbe Nachman, are buried there.

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