Kiev: Fascist arson attack against Communist Party District office

revengekpuOn the night of 10 January 11 masked thugs smashed a window and threw a molotov cocktail at the offices of the Svyatoshinskiy district of the Communist Party. Responsibility for the attack was claimed by fascists of the “Revenge” organisation on their VKontakte page. 

This is the report on the KPU website:

“On the night of 10 January 11 masked thugs smashed a window in a building on the boulevard Vernadsky, 63, and threw a Molotov cocktail. The office of the Svyatoshinskiy district committee of the Communist Party is located in this five-storey building.

Responsibility for the crime committed was claimed by extremists from the nationalist movement “Revenge” by placing a video on their “VKontakte” page:

At the end of November, unidentified gunmen (most likely from “Revenge”) threw “Molotov cocktails” at the same building. ”

In December, the same fascist organisation had claimed responsibility for another attack against the KPU offices in the Sevchenko district also in Kiev.

"Revenge" fascists

“Revenge” fascists

This violent fascist organisation has also claimed responsibility for a series of other attacks in the last few days, including the offices of “Inter” TV channel on January 3rd (see VIDEO). The channel had been criticised by government officials for a new year show featuring Russian stars. The secretary of the National Security and Defence Council Turchynov declared that the channel had become “part of the information war being waged against their own country” and demanded that its licence be cancelled immediately.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian president Poroshenko marched with other “world leaders” at the Paris “unity march” in defence of “freedom of expression”.

As we reported before, the Ukrainian authorities are seeking to ban the Communist party. On December 24, the Kyiv court of appeals reversed the decision of the District administrative court of Kyiv which had suspended the proceedings to ban the activities of the Communist party of Ukraine, and decided to send the case to the court of first instance for further consideration.

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