October Revolution commemoration attacked by fascist thugs in Kharkov and Melitopol

kharkov7NovRallies called to mark the anniversary of the October Revolution on November 7 were attacked by fascist thugs in different parts of Ukraine. In Kharkov, neo-nazi thugs from the Right Sector and the Maidan Self-Defence attacked the rally. In Melitopol there were clashes with members of far right party Svoboda, the neo-nazi Right Sector and the government parties of Klitshko and Tymoshenko’s Fatherland. Far right thugs from the Right Sector and the Maidan Self-Defence, many of them masked and in paramilitary fatigues, physically prevented the October Revolution commemoration from arriving at the Eternal Flame monument. They then attacked the Communist marchers who were finally bundled into a bus a driven away.

Communist Party member of parliament Alla Alexander was dubbed in green paint during the attack.

In Melitopol, it was a group of counter-demonstrators from the neo-nazi Right Sector, the far right party Svoboda and two right wing parties which are in the government coalition, Blow and Fatherland, who attacked the October Revolution commemoration which had been banned.

We had already reported on the ban on October Revolution commemoration in Odessa and of attacks and threats in other cities in Ukraine.

A Communist Party rally against the war had already been attacked in Kharkov on September 27.

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