“Patriot of Ukraine” neo-nazi militant appointed as Kiev head of police

vadimtroyanVadim Troyan, deputy commander of the neo-nazi Azov Regiment and active member of the neo-nazi paramilitary organisation Patriot of Ukraine (the paramilitary wing of the Social-Nationalist Assembly) has been appointed by Ukraine Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov as the head of the Kiev police.Avakov’s adviser, Anton Gerashchenko described the appointment as “truly revolutionary” in a post on his facebook profile and added that the “idea is to appoint to senior positions of the police volunteers who came to it by their heart and soul in action!” (read neo-nazis). He added that he would be working closely with Andrey Biletsky, Azov Regiment commander and now elected member of parliament, who is also a leading member of Patriot of Ukraine and the Social-Nationalist Assembly.

Patriots of Ukraine is the organisation which called the ominous torch march at Maidan on April 29, with all sorts of nazi paraphernalia. (see VIDEO)

In a follow up development, Right Sector fascist Borislav Bereza, now elected as member of parliament, said he had contacted the Kiev police and that his organisation would be working closely with this force.

In the post, the fascist leader of the Right Sector reports: “Good news – this is when you call the chief of the Kiev police and he says that he is for change in society and ready to reform the Interior Ministry. And we agreed that on Monday begins in Troeschina an experiment on active cooperation between representatives of the Interior Ministry and the”right sector.”

The chief of police he is referring to is of course, the neo-nazi Vadim Troyan.

These news confirm the further incorporation of far right, fascist and neo-nazi elements into the state apparatus and the close collaboration between these and the more “mainstream” right wing parties which have a majority in the Parliament (Block Poroshenko, Popular Front, Samopomich).

The appointment of Vadim Troyan comes after the reported appointment of Svoboda far right militant Yuri Michalchyshyn as head of propaganda in the Ukraine Security Service (SBU).

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