German trade unionists in solidarity with Donetsk miners

To the striking miners in Donetsk,

Dear colleagues,

We have heard that you have been striking in protest against the Kiev government, which uses military force against the population that it claims as its own.

You are also protesting against the owners of the mines, who, in spite of the circumstances, are demanding that you keep working below ground. By doing this, they are evoking a human tragedy, the likes of which have occurred far too often in the history of mining. We still remember the catastrophes in China and Soma, Turkey, where 300 miners died because of neglection of security measures.

Under the conditions of civil war, the mine owners’ greed for profit will provoke an even worse catastrophe – as if the government-led “anti-terror war” wasn’t bad enough!

In these difficult times, you have our complete solidarity. We would like very much to hear from you. Tell us how we can support you. We will spread all the information, because your movement is completely censored from our media.

With comradely greetings,

Matthias Fritz, IG Metall (metalworkers’ union), member of the works council at Mahle, Stuttgart
Martin Derleth, IG Metall, member of the works council at Mahle-Behr, Stuttgart
Uwe Elsaßer, IG Metall, union workplace representative at Mahle, Stuttgart
Hans Köbrich, IG Metall, Berlin
Achim Bigus, IG Metall, VK-Leiter at Volkswagen GmbH Osnabrück
Wolfgang Hänisch, IG Metall, Ludwigsburg
Helga Schmid, spokeswoman of the ver.di union of publishing house workers, Munich


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