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Hundreds of conscript National Guard soldiers stage mutiny, demand to be demobilised

On October 13 hundreds of National Guard soldiers staged locked their officers, left their base in Novi Petrivtsi and marched on Kiev to protest outside the president’s office demanding their demobilisation. A similar protest by 50 National Guard soldiers took place … Continue reading

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Protests against the war in Zaporizhia and Kyiv

On August 4 there was a rally against mobilisation in the village of Voznesenka, Zaporizhia Oblast, where about 100 women demanded an end to the “fratricidal war”. In Kyiv, about 60 women from an organisation of mothers against war from … Continue reading

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[VIDEO] Protest against mobilisation, Novoselytsya, Chernivtsi

Enraged citizens in Novoselytsya, Chernivtsi Oblast, demonstrated outside the military recruitment office against mobilisation into the army. A far right nationalist MP attempted to defend mobilisation and was assaulted by the women present who shouted for him to go to … Continue reading

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Ukrainians burning their military writs against mobilisation (VIDEO)

Protests against the new law on mobilisation have been taking place in different parts of the country (Transcarpathia and Bukovina, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsy, etc). In this one a group of villagers burn their mobilisation writs and reject Kiev’s war in the … Continue reading

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Transcarpathia and Bukovina: road blockades against mobilisation

Since the Ukrainian Parliament passed a law for partial mobilisation into the “anti terrorist operation” there have been protests in different regions of the country. 

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Riot in Western Ukraine against army mobilization

“Let the children of officials, judges and prosecutors go to the front, then ours will go”. Residents of several villages in Ivano-Frankivsk region first held a rally before regional administration against mobilization. Then, on 22 July broke in the local military registration … Continue reading

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Antiwar protests of farmers and peasants in Chernivtsy region

Antiwar protests of farmers and peasants in Chernivtsy region (western Ukraine) protest against new wave of army mobilization.

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Ternopil: relatives attempt to block soldiers being sent to front

In the western city of Ternopil, wives and mothers of soldiers being sent to fight in the Donbas came to the Army base to protest their sons being sent to the front. The protest was greeted with violence by the … Continue reading

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Bukovina: soldiers relatives´continue to block Chernivtsi-Zhytomyr international highway

Soldiers’ relatives from Chernivtsi continued today, June 20, to block the international highway demanding that the soldiers be brought back from the Donbas, where they are part of Kiev’s “anti-terrorist operation.”

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Kherson: soldiers’ relatives picket military enlistment office

June 10. A new antiwar women’s protest took place in Kherson (South Ukraine). Mothers and wives of mobilised soldiers demanded an end to war and violence by blocking the local military registration and enlistment office. Their slogans were: ‘Women against war’, ‘Where do … Continue reading

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