Banda Bassotti statement on the 2nd Antifascist Caravan to the Donbass

11210369_10152950122708983_1384837663_nWe are back from the second Antifascist Caravan in Donbass and it’s time for us to share with you our sincere thoughts. All the targets we have set for our second Antifascist Caravan have been achieved. We aimed to bring the International and Internationalist solidarity in Donbass breaking the noisy wall of silence.In details:

1) in this second Antifascist Caravan we wanted to bring with us delegations from parties, political associations, members from Solidarity committees and comrades in order to meet and feel the situation in Novorossjia. We wanted to do this so that all of us could bring home, in their party, organization, family, among comrades what they could see with our own eyes. Furthermore we wanted to build strong relationship among these different areas. We could do it, fully.

2) after the first Antifascist Caravan we wanted to build a solid and strong relationship with the population in Donbass. We didn’t want that they could think that for us it was only an advertisement: we do feel their struggle and we do support them against the attacks of EU and USA.

3) additionally we wanted to celebrate with comrades from all over the world the “Day of the Victory” in Donbass. We wanted to show and prove to the world that workers, the unemployed and all the people from the working class are together with the population of Novorossjia and Russia. The EU of multinational and financial institutions are the real enemies.

Together with us there were 107 people from all over the world: Italy, Spain, Euskadi, Greece, Poland, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Perù, Turkey, Bulgaria, United Kingdom and Ireland. All together we marched in the streets of Donbass. Many other comrades from other countries could not join us but they helped in different ways. We don’t need to add any further word to comment this: it was a great success and we could make it only working together. We sincerely hope – and we are sure of this – that this is only a small first step for a real and solid Internationalist Solidarity.

4) there is a further result that local comrades notice. Banda Bassotti was there – a bunch of musicians that always tried to shout out loud the rage against Fascism throughout the Planet – with 90 foreigners from different countries, singing, celebrating, trying to communicate with everybody in different languages, making photos, videos, shaking hands, hugging each other. We wanted to bring in Donbass a breath of fresh air of real Friendship among different Populations, International Solidarity and brotherhood. They told us that this for the Population and for the soldiers meant a lot. For us, perhaps even more.

Aside our solidarity we didn’t go there empty-handed. We brought 2.500/2800 Kg of medicines, foodstuffs, clothes, pocket torch, sleeping bags, basic stuffs for hygiene, baby clothes and also toys for the kids.

We were hosted in Alchevsk by the Prizrak Brigade and the Unit 404. We want to sincerely thank all the comrades and all the sons of the people we have met along the way. A special thanks goes to Commander Mozgovoy and his team, Commander Markov from Unit 404, Pavel Drumor of the Cossacks and Pavel from the Center of Information of Cossacks from Stakhanov that escorted, hosted and helped us to meet the people that lost everything in this war. A particular thanks goes also to the Major and the administration of Alcevsk and Stakhanov that hosted us in their cities and Maksym Chalenko for the constant help. We would have liked to see more cities and villages but the situation stopped us. We apologize with all the people that wanted to meet Banda Bassotti and the Antifascist Caravan. It wasn’t our fault.

For the record, we would like to add also one further thing.

It’s been a year that we work constantly on this Antifascist Caravan. A lot of people contacted us to support us, it has been a great experience for all of us. But not only sincere people and friends, also a lot of fake people that tried to hinder our dream, tried to stir up trouble before, during and after the Caravan. They tried to picture us as incompetents and unable to make it. We didn’t care and the results are here to prove it.

The Antifascist Caravan and Banda Bassotti have always been united and straight on their decisions. We didn’t want anyone to interfere and to represent us. We want to contact directly the people, like we have always done. Straight to the point and focus on the result: to smash every form of Fascism!

We really feel our heart, besides many place where we could meet incredible people, it’s been a while that is in Donbass with our friends there. As our friend from the band Gang would say: it’s not over yet…


Source: Banda Bassotti FB

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