London protest demands justice for Odessa

DSC_0091Over 60 people gathered outside the Ukraine embassy in London on May 2, to mark the first anniversary of the Odessa massacre when dozens of people were killed as fascist thugs attacked an anti-Maidan protest camp and set the Trade Union house on fire. No one has faced trial for these murders, and so its anniversary was marked around the world yesterday including in London.

DSC_0079The picket in London was organised by Solidarity with Anti-fascist Resistance in Ukraine (SARU) outside the Ukrainian embassy in Holland Park, West London, and SARU had produced a special banner to mark the occasion.

Alex Gordon from the rail workers union, RMT, spoke about the illegal coup in Kiev last year, and the burning of the Trade Union house in Odessa. Alex explained why it is important for people in Britain to demand justice for Odessa. He highlighted the significance of the date of the massacre 2nd May, for this was the date in 1933 that Hitler’s storm troopers shut down and in many cases burned down the Trade Union offices in Germany, and said that the defeat of fascism was only temporary and that we had to fight it again today.

(C) Sputnik / Alex Maknoto

“We must demand solidarity with those who oppose fascism in Ukraine and justice for the people of Odessa killed for exercising their rights to freedom of expression” he said and appealed to “socialists, trade unionists and those who defend democratic rights” to express their outrage. He added that “British people should be demanding that the BBC stops telling lies and tells the truth about a massacre”.

DSC_0113There was then a minute silence for the victims followed by the release of 48 black balloons into the sky, each balloon representing the known victims of the massacre.

Amongst those present there were people from many nationalities, including Ukrainians, Russians, Spanish and others, as well as members of socialist and communist organisations. The banner of the RMT Paddington branch, which played a crucial role in the setting up of the campiagn, was also proudly displayed.

The protesters then moved on to the Marx Memorial Library where there was a picture exhibition about the Odessa massacre.

No Impunity for fascist murderers!
Justice to the victims of Odessa!

Picture gallery:


Ruptly live broadcast:

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