Security Service raids Nikolaev Communist Party offices

As part of a renewed offensive to ban the Communist Party which has included questioning of its general secretary Symonenko, the Ukrainian Security Service SBU raided the Regional offices of the party in Nikolaev on April 23.

A statement from the KPU reads:

“Attempts of ruling Kiev neo-fascist regime to illegally ban the Communist Party of Ukraine are continuing on the basis of fabricated charges of separatism, terrorism financing, terrorist acts, terrorist training.

“Today early morning representatives of law enforcement agencies raided the office of the Nikolaev Regional Committee of the Communist Party to falsify evidence linking the Communists to anti-state activities.

“The Communist Party carries out its activities in strict accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine and other norms of national legislation, has consistently advocated for the territorial integrity of the country and the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Donbass.

“We consider the recent events as another crime of Kiev “junta”, a new link in the chain of repression and persecution of oppositionists, the persecution of the supporters of peace and defenders of the poor and oppressed people of Ukraine.”

The First Secretary of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine Nikolaev and former Member of Parliament Nicholas Matveev Vladimir was taken for questioning.

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