Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) to be re-organised on the model of nazi-collaborating OUN-UPA

Valentyn Navylaichenko, head of Ukrainian SBU

The head of the Ukranian Security Service SBU, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, explained in an interview Kyiv’s “Day” how the service will be re-organised following the model of the OUN-UPA security service. Not only the OUN-UPA closely collaborated with the nazis, but also engaged in pogroms against Jews, Poles and mass killings of Russian and Ukrainian anti-fascist partisans, and the killing of political opponents in rival factions of the OUN.

When asked about the task of reforming the Security Service, Nalyvaichenko answers that “for SBU we do not need to invent anything new – it is important to base ourselves on the traditions and approaches to the Security Service of UPA [Ukrainian Insurgent Army] in the 1930-1950’s. The way it worked against the aggressor at a time of temporary occupation of the territory was through patriotic education, military counterintelligence and relied on peaceful Ukrainian population, using their unparalleled support.”

He further elaborated on his model for the SBU: “When I was in opposition, we studied these traditions and the traditions of Lebed and Arsenych-Berezovsky, who created and managed the Security Service of OUN [Ukrainian Nationalist Organisation]”.

The OUN was an extreme right wing nationalist organisation which in the interwar period modeled itself on Italian fascism. From the beginning it carried terrorist activities against Poles with the aim of ethnic cleansing, but also against Ukrainian political opponents. The UPA was its armed wing.

During the war they collaborated closely with Nazi Germany and participated in massacres of Poles and Jews, particularly in the ethnic cleansing of Poles in Volhynia and Galicia in 1943.

Mykola Lebed, mentioned by Nalyvaichenko as a role model, was the first head of the OUN’s security service Sluzhba Bezpeky, a brutal organisation responsible not only for ethnic cleansing but also particularly for the elimination of members of rival factions of the OUN, after Bandera led a split in the organisation. Lebed was trained by the Gestapo at a camp in Zakopane. Lebed was described by US counter-intelligence as a “well-known sadist and collaborator of the Germans”. Despite this, the CIA protected him and brought him to New York in order to protect him. Under CIA protection he became a key player in the CIA funded Prolog organisation organising anti-Soviet activities in Eastern Europe and Russia. (For detailed information on Lebed and his protection by the CIA see this article in the Village Voice: and the National Archives report Hitler’s Shadow: Nazi War Criminals, U.S. Intelligence, and the Cold War)

The other “role model” mentioned by Nalyvaichenko, whose traditions he wants to base the SBU on is Mykola Arsenych Berezovsky, who replaced Lebed at the head of the OUN’s security service in 1941. He was trained by the Nazis’ Abwehr in military intelligence.

Nalyvaichenko, the current head of the Ukrainian Security Service, SBU, has long held such views. He played a decisive role in the whitewashing of the OUN, UPA and their leader Stephan Bandera in his position as head of the SBU between 2006 and 2010, under president Yushenko.

Dmytro Yarosh and Nalyvaichenko at a training camp of the paramilitary Tryzub

During his previous period as head of the SBU he did not shy from collaborating with fascist organisations like the paramilitary Stephan Bandera Tryzub led by Dmitro Yarosh, currently the leader of the Right Sector. Here’s a video of Nalyvaichenko addressing a training camp of the Tryzub in 2012:

The links between Nalyvaichenko and Yarosh are not limited to the past, however, as Yarosh acted as his parliamentary consultant in 2013-14.

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