Odessa: Fascist Right Sector paramilitaries step up their attacks

RSOdessaIn the last few days there have been a series of actions by groups of Right Sector paramilitaries, attempting to take upon themselves police functions with the clear aim of intimidating any potential opponents.

On September 29, a group of Right Sector thugs, armed, some of them masked, and dressed in military fatigues carried out an action against people they accused of being drug dealers, as can be seen in this video published by the fascist organisation:

The fascist thugs usurp functions of criminal prosecutors, police and executioners and act in a violent but very well organised way.  When the police arrives, the fascist thugs are seen talking to them in friendly terms.

In a separate incident, Right Sector thugs attacked Party of the Regions member of parliament Nestor Shufrych outside Odessa’s Regional Administration building, as can be seen in this video:

This is the latest in a series of attacks by fascist thugs in which elected politicians have been roughed up and thrown into rubbish bins.

A representative of Right Sector Odessa said that these latest attacks were just a warning and made it clear that their aim was to terrorise them into withdrawing from the forthcoming general elections on October 26:

Viktor Pylypyshyn, member of parliament, attacked by fascist thugs on September 25

“These are just the warning actions. We are just warning them – Pylypyshyn, Shufrych and other bastards that they should not be candidates. If they don’t listen to us we will do it another way,” said Artem Skoropadsky as quoted by the KyivPost.

Many of those attacked are current or former members of the Party of Regions, Yanukovich’s ruling party. Some of them voted repressive laws and are corrupt politicians. The point here, however is the very dangerous way in which fascist paramilitary groups are making their own law and acting with total impunity, not only against politicians linked to the former ruling party, but also against left wing activists and anyone who is against the war or the government.

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