Ukraine security services raid offices of Vesti newspaper – seize server

On September 11, heavily armed masked men from Ukraine’s security service raided the editorial offices of Russian language Vesti newspaper in Kiev. The action took place under the accusation of “attacking the territorial integrity of the country”. The raid ended with the seizure of the server which hosted the paper’s website, hard drives, journalists note books, etc. 

According the owner of the publishing company, the action is related to criminal proceedings against the paper under Article 110 (“infringement of territorial integrity”) and is related to three articles which were published in the magazine “Reporter” in April and June about the situation in the Donbass.

During the raid, several journalists were besieged in their offices and no-one was allowed in or out of the building by SBU agents, masked and armed with machine guns. Finally, the SBU agents left, taking with them notebooks, computer hard drives, including those of the server which hosted the newspaper’s online edition ( and other material.

The Russian language newspaper already suffered another attack on July 5th, when a group of armed thugs attacked its editorial offices in Kiev and attempted to set the building on fire.

Source: Gazeta Vesti Facebook account

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