TUC Congress Calls for Permanent Ceasefire to Ukraine Civil War

Morning Star Report: Britain’s labour movement threw its weight behind calls for a permanent ceasefire in Ukraine yesterday, condemning interference in the country by Western powers.

Congress passed an emergency resolution on Ukraine.

“Who caused the crisis in Ukraine? Nato should be looking at themselves,” said RMT president Peter Pinkney.

“A million people are displaced and 3,000 have died. The US is sending 200 soldiers in an advisory capacity — well, I remember that happening in Vietnam.

“We cannot ignore the massacre of trade unionists by Kiev-allied forces in Odessa. This is about answering a scream for help from the Ukrainian people and opposing war.

“The only wars we back are wars on injustice, poverty and the whole stinking capitalist system.”

Unite warned that we could not “turn a blind eye” to the rise of the fascist far right associated with the Kiev regime.

FBU general secretary Matt Wrack spoke against the resolution, saying it should also condemn Russia.

Source: Morning Star

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