Odessa marks 4 months of the massacre, police tries to prevent it (VIDEO + PICS)

Dozens of Odessa residents gathered at the Kulikovo field to pay homage to those killed in the May 2nd massacre, when fascist thugs burnt down the Trade Union House building where anti-Maidan protesters had sought refuge. 

According to a report in Timer, at the beginning of the rally, the police removed the ribbons which protesters had tied to the fence which surrounds the building and they seized the sound system which activists were going to use.

The action then was allowed to proceed and a number of activists played a piece of street theatre representing the Odessa massacre, including audio recordings of the chants of the fascist thugs and screams of the victims. At the end, black balloons were released. Similar actions took place in a number of European capitals.

Odessa Maidan Defence leader Filippenko

Meanwhile, the leader of the Odessa Maidan Self Defence Artem Filippenko, declared that what happened on May 2nd at the Kulikovo Field had not been “a tragedy, but a fight, one which the Euromaidan supporters won”. According to a report in Timer, Filippenko added that “on May 2 Euromaidan supporters defended their city and even prevented the collapse of the state” he also declared that 48 killed and more than 200 wounded was “an acceptable price for these achievements”. Otherwise, said Filippenko, “war would have broken out in Odessa”.

This video from Timer captures both the action and the police attempt to disrupt it:

This is another video from Ruptly:

And these are pictures from the event, published in a report by Timer:

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