Ukrainian MP criticising war in Donbas is told to “kneel in front of the Army”

Ukranian MP Bondarenko attempted to make a speech denouncing Kyiv’s “anti-terrorist operation” in the Donbass. She was silenced by the Parliament Speaker, Turchynov and told to “kneel before the Ukrainian Army”

Transcript of the VIDEO:

Bondarenko: “Dear colleagues! You forget that there are thousands of innocent civilians killed in Donbass [south-east Ukraine]. Thousands civilians were killed in Donbass in result of ‘anti-terrorist operation’. I’d like to ask you to commemorate them with a minute of silence…. Thank you. However, the fact lets me to speak that our current authorities segregate people into Ukrainians and non-ukrainians. The power that sends army to bomb peaceful cities – is a criminal power. The power that takes away from children the mere right to education… [then the microphone is switched off].”

– Turchynov (the parliament’s speaker): “I ask you to stop the provocation and pro-russian agitation – we have enough RTR and ORT [Russian TV-channels]. Take your place and sit down. Sit down, please, take your seat. Ukrainian army defends Ukraine and you too – you have to kneel before Ukrainian army – so, quit the parliamentary tribune.”

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