Kherson: anti-war demonstration attacked by fascist thugs

On August 30th, a protest against the war in the Donbas and against the raise in the price of utilities in Kherson was attacked by a group of fascist thugs from government party Svoboda and far right coalition Right Sector. The organiser of the protest, Yarobora Kirichenko, ended up with a bloody head and some of the activists were later arrested. 

This incident was reported by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in its latest report on Ukraine (published on August 31):

In Kherson city the SMM observed on 30 August an anti-war demonstration at Freedom Square with about 30 people, mainly middle aged men, gathering and demanding a stop to ongoing fighting in eastern Ukraine. The demonstration lasted only a few minutes, after which about 70, mainly male local activists carrying flags of “Right Sector” and “Svoboda”, as well as people from the “Odessa Maidan” group arrived and chased the protesters away. The SMM saw that the main organizer of the anti-war protest was beaten by the opponent activists and suffered a head injury. After the protesters dispersed, the “Maidan” activists stayed on, sung the national anthem and Ukrainian slogans.


This video shows the attack:

The publication Prestupnosty cheered the attackers with a headline reading: “In Kherson, Patriots firmly disperse the separatists protesters who tried to destabilize the situation in the city

Amongst the attackers were members of the “Odessa Maidan” who were in Kherson to support one of their members who is on trial for his part in the May 2 Odessa massacre.

About 100 of their supporters gathered outside the court, some of them masked and carrying weapons and burnt tyres, according to a report in the local

Armed and masked Odessa Maidan supporters outside the court

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