Dnipropetrovsk Communist Party activists arrested without warrant

Sergey Tkachenko

Statement of the Dnipropetrovsk regional Communist Party organization after the arrest of several leading CPU activists in the region: “No to political repression!”

The acting authorities continue political repression against dissident political forces. Thus, on 1 September, in the town of Dniprodzerzhinsk, unknown persons without any identification (who presented themselves as being from the Prosecutors’ office, but – as it appeared later – were really from Internal Security Service, SBU) – held searches in the houses of and detained the following local leaders of CPU organisations:

– 1st secretary of the CPU city organisation, deputy of city council Sergey Tkachenko;
– Secretary of Bagleysk (Dnipropetrovsk region) regional CPU branch, deputy of regional council and leader of organization “antifascist” Denis Timofeyev;
– 1st secretary of Zavodskoy regional branch of CPU, deputy of Zavodskoy regional council Roman Suchkov;

So far, we don’t know the reasons of their detention nor what they are charged with. The investigator of security service says that their arrest is sanctioned by the Dnipropetrovsk court, but at the same time he refuse to give the number of the criminal case and that makes us suspicious that there is no real criminal case against them.

The Dnipropetrovsk regional CPU organization states that such actions of the authorities are a kind of revenge towards principled political opponents, an attempt to silence those who tell people the truth. The communists of Dniprodzerzhinsk city always acted within the framework of the law of Ukraine; were for united Ukraine and for its socialist way of development. We will not desert our comrades in trouble and will make everything in our power to secure their release.

No to political repression!

September 1, 2014


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