Ukraine security service admits detention of Communist Party local secretary Filindash

S. Filindash

S. Filindash

In a post on its website on August 1st, the Ukrainian SBU (Internal Security Service) said it had detained the First Secretary of the District Committee of the Communist Party in Volnovakha, Donetsk, Sergei Filindash. Filindash had been taken from his home on July 30 by masked armed men which did not identify themselves. The Communist Party demands to know where he is being held and to have access to him. 

The SBU statement accuses Filindash of “crimes” which are political in nature: “organising mass anti-Ukrainian protests/events… where calls where made for a violent overthrow of the constitutional order, seisure of state power, violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.”

He is also accused of “organising the pseudo-referendum” and of “building the leadership of the so-called “DPR” [Donetsk Peoples’ Republic], a terrorist organisation.” The statement adds that Filindash “encouraged CPU representatives in local electoral commissions to sabotage the extraordinary elections of the President of Ukraine.”

The Donestk Regional Committee of the Communist Party, in a statement published in the party’s website, denounces the fact that he was taken without an arrest warrant, is held in an unknown location and has not had access to a lawyer. The Regional Committee also lists a number of other cases in which Communist Party officials have been either killed or illegally arrested in the last few days.

Here’s a translation of the statement:

Donetsk region Communists will not leave in trouble their kidnapped comrade S. N. Filindash, whom the Kiev authorities want to put to a public trial

Donetsk regional committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine expresses its support to its comrade – first secretary of the Volnovakha raion [borough or district] committee, Sergei Nikolayevich Filindash, who was kidnapped on the 30th of July from his own home by armed and masked men in front of his wife and children.

It has become known that the SBU is preparing a show trial of him. The goal of such actions is clear: while making it look like a struggle against terrorism, to victimise the only opposition party of the country in order to rule unchallenged, to zombify the population, and to prevent the Communist Party from running in the elections.

Donetsk regional committee of the CPU expresses its outrage at a yet another violation of the law. A citizen of Ukraine has been kidnapped without investigation or trial by court. S. N. Filindash is still not provided with a lawyer, and his location is unknown. Communists are starting to collect signatures in defence of their comrade, and are announcing a financial collection to fund his legal defence.

We note that this not the first attack on a communist in the Donbas. In July, V. M. Kovshun, secretary of the Glinki village branch of the CPU, deputy of Kumachov village council in the Starobesheve Raion, was killed at a National Guard check-point near the Luzhki village.

Communist Party deputy of the Kievan raion council in Donetsk, A. N. Ryabushko, has gone missing after the National Guard had found a Georgian ribbon on his person at a check-point in the Telmanove raion.

Oligarch Kolomoyskiy’s nationalists in the raion of Velyka Novosilka have destroyed offices of the Communist Party as well as those of a communist MP.

Press service of the Donetsk Regional Committee of the CPU


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