Armed militants kidnap Communist Party District Secretary in Volnovakha, Donetsk

S. Filindash

S. Filindash

On July 29, armed masked men kidnapped Sergey Nikolaevich Filindash, secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine in Volnovakha, 60 km south of Donetsk. This is a new example of the campaign against the democratic rights of left wing militants and their organisations in Ukraine at the hands of the Kiev authorities and the fascist gangs they employ. 

In this particular case it is worth noting that the name of Filidash appeared in the report which the then acting president of Ukraine Turchynov sent to the Minister of Justice (see here) demanding that he should immediately start action to ban the Communist Party, on May 19. On the basis of this request, a legal case for the banning of the KPU has opened in Kiev a few days ago. In this letter we can read:

“May 6, 2014 in Donetsk region (city Volnovaha) 40 unarmed people, led by the head of the local branch of the Communist Party of Ukraine S.Filindash entered the building of the Volnovaha District State Administration. S.Filindash tried to take over the leadership of city and region, demanded the dismissal the chief of the police station and for local media to print an announcement of referendum of the May 11, 2014”

Basically, Filindash was accused by Turchynov of “activities to the detriment of national interests of Ukraine” and of “providing logistic and practical support to the terrorists”, but all that is said about him is that he led a protest by 40 unarmed people. It is ominous that after being denounced by name in this report, he has now been kidnapped by armed masked men as soon as the forces of the “anti terrorist operation” have taken back control of the town.

Just a few days ago, the Communist Party organisation secretary in the village of Glinki, was also kidnapped at a National Guard check point and then appeared, dead and tortured, the following day.

Here’s the statement of the press office of the Communist Party in Donetsk:

In the Donetsk region militants kidnapped the first secretary of Volnovakha District Committee of the Communist Party S.N.FILINDASH

Masked militants kidnapped from his home tonight the first secretary of the district committee of the Communist Party in Volnovakha, Sergey Filindash. In his home in Volnovakha, bandits broke in without a warrant, captured him in front of his wife and children and took him to an unknown destination.

It is obvious that today the authorities under the guise of the ATO commit terror and violence against dissidents. This is not the first attack on the communists in the last days in the Donetsk region.

Recall that on the night of July 22, the primary party organization secretary of the Communist Party in a. Glinka, the deputy village council Starobeshevo District, in the Donetsk region, Vyacheslav Kovshun, born in 1956, was killed at a checkpoint of the National Guard near Luzhki.

In the Velikonovoselkovsky area, Kolomoyski’s nationalists attacked the District Committee of the Communist Party and the offices of the Communist deputies.

Despite all the talk about the “state of law” and “European values”, in the Donbass serious crimes are being committed, the list of which is multiplying day by day.

The Donetsk regional committee of the Communist Party demands an end to lawlessness, the release our comrade, the father of three children, who is not a criminal nor a “militant” unlike those who attacked him.

Press office of the Donetsk CPU

Source: KPU also reported by Golos

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