Far right MP Oleg Lyashko intimidation in the East

A report by VICE News shows far right Ukrainian MP Lyashko conducting illegal arrests and threatening to shot people in the Donbas.

Since the beginning of Kiev’s “anti terrorist operation” Radical Party member of parliament Lyashko has been acting in an extremely provocative way, dressing in black military clothing and participating directly in arrests and armed threats.

We could not find any report anywhere in the Ukrainian media nor official websites to clarify under whose authority is he acting, but clearly the Kiev government is not stopping him.

In the last few months Lyashko, the only member of the Rada for his own “Radical Party”, has established a close working relationship with the neo-nazi organisation Social Nationalist Assembly of Ukraine (SNA). Five members of the SNA stood on Lyashko’s list for the Kiev City Hall, all of them commanders of the Azov Battalion:¬†Oleh Odnorozhenko (the SNA ideologue), Ihor Mosychuk, Ihor Kryvoruchko, and Volodymyr Shpara.

The SNA was one of the fascist and neo-nazi organisations which created the umbrella group “Right Sector” during the Euromaidan protests.

Lyashko stood in the presidential elections, coming third with 8.3% of the vote. In a recent opinion poll by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology his Radical Party came first with over 23% of the vote.

By watching the VICE report one can see that Lyashko “accuses” the local chief of police of not knowing about the whereabouts of a local “terrorist” leader. The chief of police replies that there were no terrorist, but just some locals expressing their views. The “terrorist” (who’s only crime seems to be having organised a referendum) is captured, Lyashko threatens to shoot the chief of police which is then forced to resign.

A similar scene was reported in Sloviansk when Lyashko forced the former mayor of the town, at gun point, to sign a “confession” and resign, for having been too soft on “terrorists”:

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One Response to Far right MP Oleg Lyashko intimidation in the East

  1. Zorawar Singh Sher Gill says:

    VICE News is just the latest part of the mainstream media propaganda machine.

    The journalist didn’t realise there were similar things to this that the Nazis were doing once upon a time in Germany and even the so-called journalist tried to defend this violent fascists actions.

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