London picket against EU support for Kiev and its war on Donbass

A short Ruptly video report of the London picket by the Solidarity with Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine campaign¤M/S Protesters outside Europe House in London
¤M/S Protester holding newspaper
¤M/S Sign with NATO, EU and a swastika
¤C/U Communist flag with Europe House in the background
¤M/S Protesters chanting “Stop the fascist junta, remember Odessa”
¤SOT Member of Young Communist League (in English): “This is the second time that we have voiced our concern and anger regarding the continuing violence against communists, trade unions and anti-fascists in Ukraine.”
¤M/S Members of Russian/Ukrainian community
¤M/S Protesters holding banner
¤SOT Protester (in English): “We have the RMT (Rail and National Maritime Transport Union) campaign to support the anti-fascist resistance in Ukraine.”
¤M/S Protesters holding banner reading “MAN UTD fans against apartheid”
¤M/S Girl holding Anti-Nazi sign
¤M/S Protester holding sign reading “hands off novorossia”
¤M/S Tartar man driking beer
¤W/S Europe House in London

A group of demonstrators gathered outside Europe House in central London on Wednesday to protest against what they call a “fascist coup” in Ukraine. They were also protesting against the EU’s support of £1.5 Billion to prop up the new government in Kiev.

Demonstrators from the Ukrainian and Russian communities of London also arrived to call for an end to violence in the East of the country and to appeal for dialogue between the different parties.

The Europe House is the United Kingdom base of both the European Parliament Information Office and European Commission Representation.

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One Response to London picket against EU support for Kiev and its war on Donbass

  1. mullanferoze rachel says:

    Please could you advertise the following to any interested parties- No to War !! No to Fascism!! On the crisis in the Ukraine Speaker Andrew Murray 7.00pm 23rd July United Reform Church Chapel Walk Sheffield Organised by the South Yorks branch of the Communist Party of Britain

    All the best, Steve Andrew South Yorks CPB Sec.

    On 11 July 2014 10:33, Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance

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