Neo-nazi Dmitry Yarosk (Right Sector) addresses “anti terrorist” battalion in Donetsk

This video, published by, shows Dmitry Yarosh, the leader of the neo-nazi Right Sector, addressing his troops as part of Kiev’s “anti terrorist operation” on July 6, near the village of Karlivka, 30km away from Donetsk, and is further proof of the involvement and commanding role of far-right and neo-nazi thugs in the security apparatus in Ukraine. 

This is a roughly translated transcript of his words:

“Everybody, attention! We worked well today. Certainly we’d like something more, though with our forces we actually couldn’t reach better results. We expected that when we would enter into fighting the armoured vehicles come to help us. We expected for reinforcement to come but it didn’t happen. We expected that artillery would totally smash those checkpoints – and it has been shelling them for 1,5 hour – but didn’t smash. But nevertheless we fulfilled our duty. Let’s consider that it was for an offensive reconnaissance. And we fulfilled it well together with our guys from battalion “Donbass” and other military units.

Unfortunately we have 1 injured, but he will live – the bullet went right through. I’m very happy to see all of you alive – that’s the most important for me. We will have many other battles of this kind. So, when reaching our base we should analyze our mistakes because there were some of them. The conclusions should be made by all units over the issue as well as by our friend ‘Wolf’ [one of the commanders]. We should train more – then there will less our blood spilled and more enemy’s blood.

What about weapons and armament – we should work over the issue too – I’ll go to the US and hope that our recent battle is an argument and I’ll ask them to provide us at last with other respective ‘arguments’ – enough arms and ammunition. And now – after the order of our friend Wolf – all to the cars and we depart to our base. Any questions or ‘genious’ ideas?
– Maybe we should ask army [regular] and stay with them here for a time more?
– If there’s need – then, of course, – we’ll provide them with our people. “

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