“White Hammer” leader is Idar Batallion commander

Vladislav Horanyn

The Idar Battalion of Territorial Defence, created under the authority of the Ministry of Defence and fighting in Kiev’s “Anti Terrorist Operation”, fell into a trap on June 18 when attempting to attack Luhansk Republic militias in the town of Metalist. Now it has been revealed that one of its commanders is the leader of neo-nazi organisation White Hammer, Vladislav Horanyn, who had been arrested in March as a suspect in the killing of three police officers.

White Hammer (Bely Molot) is a relatively small neo-nazi organisation which was part of the Euromaidan movement and was a founding member of the Right Sector.

Just after the overthrow of Yanukovich, Vladislav Horanyn and another member of White Hammer were offered advisory positions within the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the possibility to join the National Guard, which they refused.

On March 6, the organisation was expelled from the Right Sector for “lack of discipline”. This was only a few days after the killing of the three traffic police officers.

On March 21 the leader of the organisation Vladislav Horanyn was arrested and accused of the killing of three traffic police officers. Two other members of the organisation were also arrested.

At the time, Interior Minister Avakov had strong words against them: “the killers were hiding in Maidan, posing as patriots. But they were not part of the Maidan, they were not patriots. They are killers and there is less compassion with them than with common criminals”.

On April 4, Horanyn was released from jail.

On June 18, the Idar Battalion of territorial defence, one of the many Battalions made up of “patriotic volunteers” created under the authority of the Ministry of Defence, became involved in a fiasco during the attempt to take over the village of Metalist, near Luhansk. The operation was a complete disaster and the militias captured an artillery piece and several vehicles from the Ukrainian army as a result, as well as inflicting heavy loses on the Idar Battalion.

Immediately afterwards accusations were flying back and forth between the Battalion and the Ministry of Defence. The Defence Minister accused the Battalion of not obeying orders and of having acted in a rushed way without coordinating with the rest of ATO troops. The Battalion replied that this was not true and that officers of the Army had sabotaged their action and refused to give them cover.

In the aftermath of the fiasco, on June 21, the Idar Battalion commander gave an interview with 112 TV channel, which was then reported by Korrespondent, saying they would from now on merge into the anti terrorist operation chain of command. The interview was given by … Vladislav Horanyn, the leader of neo-nazi group “White Hammer”, whom Avakov considered a criminal only three months ago.

This confirms everything we have said before about Kiev relying heavily on paramilitary fascist thugs for its “anti terrorist operation” against the Donbas.

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