Kiev neo-nazis confront anti war demonstration

The attempt to held a picket against the government’s “anti terrorist operation” in Kiev was confronted by hundreds of neo-nazi thugs organised by the Social-Nationalist Assembly and Patriots of Ukraine. 

The neo-nazi thug in the video shouts: ““We demand the banning of any kind of celebrating of Soviet occupants. And it doesn’t matter which date they celebrate: be it November 7 when Soviets occupied Kiev, or May 8 – when Soviets forced Keitel [the general who signed Nazi Germany capitulation] to sign capitulation, or be it today [June 22 – the beginning of Nazi Germany attack on USSR commemorated as tragic date]. We will win. We will force anybody to take us into account. And if the authorities will not hear us – we will take more radical actions. Glory to Ukraine! [Nazi salute], Death to enemies!”

Igor Krivoruchko

The neo-nazi thugs were led by the Kiev head of the SNUA Igor Krivoruchko


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