Kharkov rise up, expel the fascists! (June 22)

A demonstration called by the Communist Party and other organisations took place on June 22 in Kharkov. The day marks the anniversary of the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. The main slogan of the demonstration was “Kharkov rise up, expel the fascists” as well as slogans against the war and in solidarity with the Donbas. Communist Party and Borotba flags, among others, were present.

It is important to stress that the anti-fascist demonstration took place against the background of growing assaults by fascist thugs and the government against anyone who is against the policies of Kiev. The Communist Party has been branded “separatist” and legal proceedings started to ban it, Borotba has had to go underground after its Kharkov offices were raided by paramilitary fascist gangs acting under the legal cover of the National Guard and some of its leading members were snatched by paramilitary fascists in broad day light in the centre of Kharkov a few weeks ago.

The government has started a clampdown on facebook, with the state prosecutor instructed to start criminal charges against anyone making “public calls for the violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order” or even “the distribution of materials inciting to such acts”

On the same day, the Euromaidan held an assembly in Kharkov to demand the banning of the Communist Party and the banning of “separatists gatherings in the centre of Kharkov”. At the end of the assembly, hundreds of right wing thugs attempted to march to the place where the anti-Maidan demonstration was taking place.

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