VIDEO: Azov Battalion takes oath before going into battle in Mariupol

This video shows an oath taken by members of the Azor Battalion of the Ministry of the Interior before going into battle in Mariupol. They are told that in case of death “our ancestors are waiting for us in Valhalla”

The Azov Battalion, while formally part of the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is mainly composed and commanded by neo-nazis from “Patriots of Ukraine”, “Social-Nationalist Assembly”, “Brotherhood” and other organisations.

The motivation speech says: “And today these creatures will lie down below us and we will stand above them. And if somebody dies – remember that in Valhalla we are waited for by our ancestors. And we can’t show us to them as cowards and shit. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes! Glory to nation! Death to the enemies! Valhalla! To Valhalla!”

Igor Mosiychuk

Next to the commander shouting on the loudspeaker is the infamous Igor Mosiychuk, now deputy commander of the Azov Battalion and a leading member of the neo-nazi Social-Nationalist Assembly of Ukraine.

Igor Krivoruchko

The commander shouting on the loudspeaker is either the head of the SNUA and commander of the Azov Battalion Andreiy Biletsky, or company commander of the Azov Battalion and leader of the SNUA Igor Krivoruchko.


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