Chernivtsi: soldiers’ relatives block highway, demand soldiers brought back from the East

On June 19, about 100 mothers of soldiers blocked the Chernivtsi – Zhytomyr highway at its passing by the Magala village, outside Chernivtse. They were demanding that their sons be brought back from the “anti terrorist operation” in the East.

The traffic was completely blocked according to a report in This was the second day of protests of soldiers’ relatives who complain that the soldiers have been stationed in the East for two months without having returned home.

On June 18 about a hundred relatives of soldiers had protested at the gates of the 300th mechanised regiment of the Army. The immediate reason for the protests were reports in the last few days of increased number of deaths in the ATO of soldiers from Bukovina, the region where Chernivtsi is located. The destruction of the Aidar Battalion of the National Guard, composed mainly of volunteers from Chernivtsi, by Luhansk self defence militias must have played a role.

A soldiers’ mother protested that “when they were enlisted in the army, we were promised that they would serve and protect our region. Now they report that will be sent to the East.”

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