British-Italian war correspondent “most of the fighters are Ukrainians”

British-Italian war correspondent Mark Franchetti spoke on a popular Ukrainian panel show (Shavik Shuster Live) to talk about what was going on in Donbas, having spent some time there with the “Vostok Battalion”. The panel had expected him recount that all of the rebels in Donbass were Russian or Russian agents.

When he explained that in his experience most of the fighters were 1) Ukrainians from Donbass, 2) with little military experience having taken up arms to defend their homes “against fascism” as they saw it and 3) that although the rebels were hoping for Russian assistance, that in his experience having worked in Moscow, such assistance was not likely, he was greeted with hostility by the pro-government panel, which then dismissed his account and tried to rubbish his record.

Mark Franchetti is an experienced war correspondent working for the Sunday Times. His account of his time with the Vostok Battalion was published under the title of “Pinned to the ground by blizzard of bullets

(NOTE: the English subtitles in this video are not perfect, but this is the only version we could find with English subtitles. The full video of the program is available on the Shavik Shuster Live youtube channel)

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