Far right Svoboda members and fascists from Volyn join Azov Battalion

On june 16, the press office of Svoboda party in the Volyn Oblast explained that a total of 15 volunteers from Volyn are part of the Azov Battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. One of them is a party member while the others belong to the fascist organisation “Black Power”. Svoboda is part of the current government coalition.

The report, which was reproduced by the local news portal ZIK, added that as part of the Azov Battalion they had participated in the “liberation of Mariupol from Russian and separatist militants” on June 13.

Svoboda is a far right party which is part of the current “interim government” coalition in Kiev and also holds the position of the State Prosecutor.

Black Power (Чорного блоку) is a fascist organisation which was involved in the attack and occupation of the local Communist Party offices in Lutsk (the capital of Volyn region) on February 19.

The VK and FB pages of the “Volynians in Black Uniform – Azov Battalion” claim to follow the heritage of the Ukranian Insurgent Army (UPA) during World War II. Of course the heritage of the UPA in Volhynia was that of the ethnic cleansing against Poles.

Volyn recruits of the Azov Battalion – “Freedom or Death”

The Azov Battalion of special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is under the command and mainly composed of members of neo-nazi organisations “Patriots of Ukraine” and “Social-Nacionalist Assembly of Ukraine”.

This goes to confirm the fact that the Kiev government, backed by the West and NATO, has de facto legalised fascist paramilitary gangs into the National Guard and the special forces battalions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and they play a key role in the “anti terrorist operation” against the uprising in the Donbas.

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