New Ministry of Interior Battalion made up of far right Svoboda members

The Media and Public Relations Manager of far right party Svoboda, Oleksandr Aronets, announced on social media the creation of a Special Forces Battalion composed of party members.

He specified that Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov had signed a decree to create the Svoboda Special Forces battalion “Sich” and that more details would follow. Responding to questions he added that the battalion would be formed “mainly of party members as well as “specialists” who had fought in Iraq.

Svoboda is a far right party which is part of the current reactionary government in Kiev. In pursuing its “anti terrorist operation” against anti-Kiev rebels in the East of the country, the “acting government” has had to increasingly rely on the newly created National Guard and on special Battalions under the authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as ordinary soldiers refused to fight and fraternised with the people in Kramatorsk, Slovyansk and other cities.

These Battalions are made up of “patriotic volunteers” mainly from far right and openly fascist and neo-nazi organisations, including “Patriots of Ukraine”, “Brotherhood”, the Social-National Assembly, and others.

On March 18 this year, Oleksandr Aronets was part of a group of Svoboda thugs, including two MPs, who broke into the offices of the head of the Ukrainian public broadcaster NTU and violently forced him to sign his resignation. Aronets proudly filmed the whole incident and posted it on his ustream channel:

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