Mothers and parents organisations appeal: Stop the War! Save the people of Donbass

We publish here two different appeals we have received from the Donbass which detail the human cost of the brutal “anti terrorist operation” waged by the Kiev authorities against their own people. Please read and share widely. 

Appeal to the public 
Donetsk region Parents Community ‘Kroha

The Community was founded in 2007.

We, the parents of Donetsk region, appeal to you, politicians, public figures, people who care. Help save the people of Sloviansk, Krasny Liman, Kramatorsk, stop the military operations. We need your help in bringing home the truth about what is happening in these cities.

For many weeks, people live under incessant artillery fire. Civilians constantly die. Some children have been injured, the death of three children is confirmed. Houses, hospitals, kindergartens and schools are collapsing. People, including children, live in a permanent state of stress, hiding for many hours from almost-never-stopping attacks in basements.

Since June 6 the running water has not been supplied. Dozens of thousands of people have no access to drinking water. Sewers do not function properly.

In many areas of the city there is no electricity supply. High-voltage cables and tower have been damaged, the employees of electrical network evacuated. Due to the nature of damage, restoring the power supply during the military actions is impossible.

Medicine and food have become scarce. With the outbreak of military actions supplies of food and medicine to the city have been irregular, and over the past few days, due to bombing, food supply has completely stopped.

Senior citizens, civil servants, allowance recipients have lost their means of livelihood. Since May 19, the city has completely stopped payments of pensions and social benefits. The residents who left their homes do not receive their pensions and payments either.

The residents of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk who left have no status. By law, they are no different from people who have abandoned their homes for no apparent reason. To date, they do not get even pensions and social benefits guaranteed by the law.

The population of Sloviansk before the war amounted to over 110,000 people. To date, less than half of the population have been evacuated. Dozens of thousands of people continue living in the city, unable to leave. Queues at the exit from the city are formed for many days ahead. Opportunities to leave the city are very limited. At the current pace the evacuation of the remaining residents can take months.

We ask for your help in saving the lives of these people and stopping military actions.

June 10, 2014

Donetsk region Parents Community ‘Kroha’

Collective appeal of Donbass mothers to all peace-loving people.

We, mothers of the East of Ukraine, are appealing to you, politicians, public figures and the whole global community for help in remedying the situation in Donbass.

Protection of life and health is one of the key activities of Ukraine as a welfare state. In accordance with Clause 27 of the Constitution of Ukraine, every person has an inalienable right to live. The right boils down to the fact that no one shall be intentionally deprived of life. Besides, Clause 3 stipulates that the state is obliged to protect the lives of its citizens.

We just want to live! We, ordinary people: husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters.

We, peaceful civilians, are the hostages of the conflict in our region, the victims of military clashes.

We are tired of fear and crave for peace. We want to live in our houses, walk along the streets of our cities, work at the companies and organizations of our region, farm our land.

We have toiled away to create what is being destroyed before our very eyes. We have been building a peaceful, calm and secure life for our families with enormous diligence and faith.
But it was all gone in a moment… Now the bullets of the conflicting camps are showering the most sacred part of everybody’s life – children! The sight of ruined and derelict buildings of hospitals, pharmacies, educational establishments, churches is heart-wrenching… The panes of our windows are lined with paper to reduce the vibration of exploding shells. Our children have learnt to fall silent, stop playing and hide in no time…

We do not know who to write to and which door to knock on to be heard. Still, we believe that you will respond to our call for help. Our hearts are full of despair, but deep down, there is a glimmer of hope that blood will no more be shed.

If you are unaware of the mass killing of peaceful inhabitants of our cities, it does not mean that it is not taking place!

The situation in Donbass is the reflection of chaos that has engulfed our country. The civilian population is involved in a cruel and mindless conflict. Soon the citizens of one country will start shedding each other’s blood not on the basis of ideological clashes but to revenge their dead relatives and friends. And this merciless conflict is unfolding in the heart of Europe!

The Ukrainian government is not fulfilling its duties of protecting the safety of its citizens in the area affected by the anti-terrorist operation. Our children die, our homes lie in ruins, the physical and psychological well-being of Donbass inhabitants is at risk… Who will be held responsible for the absurd deaths, who will compensate for the damage, who will prevent further casualties?!

We, mothers of Donbass, insist on putting and immediate stop to the anti-terrorist operation and any military actions in our region! We are appealing for your assistance and the mediation of the whole global community in settling the negotiation between the conflicting camps on the territory of our homeland!

We are sure that the conflict in our country can be peacefully resolved!Stop the war! Avert children’s deaths! Save the people of Donbass!

Source and list of signatures


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