Sloviansk after indiscriminate Ukrainian Army shelling: no gas, no water, no electricity

In a surprisingly frank report, CNN shows what is left of the city of Slovianks in Eastern Ukraine after weeks of siege and persistent shelling by the Kiev’s “anti terrorist operation”.

The fact that this report is from a pro-Western source probably means that they underestimate the level of destruction caused to this city of 120,000 inhabitants.

See video here.

The full transcript of the report can be found on CNN’s website.

The CNN correspondent found Slovyansk “half-empty, the city’s remaining residents looking drawn and frightened” and her description continues: “The thud of artillery and chatter of gunfire echoed around apartment blocks. Jagged shards of glass lay everywhere, the remnants of windows blown out by mortar fire or shells. The roof of a gas station hung precariously, twisted by what appeared to have been a direct hit. There were a few charred vehicles, some small craters.”

The report also shows a school wall sprayed by shrapnel, confirming earlier reports of Ukrainian troops hitting hospitals and school buildings in the city.

A report filed a day earlier by Reuters (Civilians take cover, flee Ukrainian city as shells land) confirms the intensification of Kiev’s shelling of Sloviansk since the new president Poroshenko took office.

“After a week of intensified shelling by government forces, windows of buildings on the outskirts of the city have been blown out, fires have gutted stores and the hulks of damaged Soviet-era cars lie abandoned in the road.”

Despite repeated denials by Kiev that its forces are hitting civilian targets, Reuters report states:

“Although the army denies shelling civilians or buildings used by civilians, a woman who gave her name only as Tatyana said she had seen the incident in which the now burnt-out sports store was hit: “People were burned, lying on the street. There was a body lying there,” she said pointing under the rubble, her hands dirty because of a lack of water to wash with.”

Reuters adds that though women and children are allowed to cross Ukrainian check points surrounding the city, men are not allowed to leave under the argument that they might be “terrorists”.

Even the Western media is now forced to admit the reality of a government waging war against its own people.

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