In Simferopol, Borotba members commemorated the Odessa victims of May 2

Today [June 11] marks 40 days since the terrible tragedy that took place in Odessa on May 2. It’s been 40 days since the massacre of innocent people. The entire world mourns the dead from Odessa.

However, this period of time was not enough for the authorities to find and punish the organizers and perpetrators of the terrible massacre.

It is not surprising since, after all, the customer and the contractor was the government itself.

They have still not detained any attacker on the civilian population.

They have still not published any report of any commission.

The Nazis who attacked people on the Kulikovo Field still walk in freedom.

On this day, political emigrants of Union Borotba (Struggle) remembered their fallen comrades, but, unfortunately, not in Odessa.

On June 11, at the central square of Simferopol, Crimea, near the monument to Lenin, Borotbists unfurled banners demanding punishment of the murderers and an objective investigation. They paid tribute to their fallen comrades Andrew Brazhevsky, Vyacheslav Markin, Vadim Papura and others.



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