Zaporizhia: Communist Party rally against “anti terrorist operation” attacked

June 10. In Zaporizhya a rally organised by communists against Kiev’s ‘anti-terrorist operation’ and the shelling of cities was attacked by local members of the Maidan Guard and members of Lyashko’s ‘Radical party’ who shouted ‘Communism is fascism’ and demanded a ban on the Communist Party and the Party of Regions.

According to a report in Navigator, “Communists picketed Zaporizhya Regional State Administration demanding an end to military operations in the eastern regions of Ukraine. The picket was composed of several hundred Cossacks, mostly women, who demanded that the Kiev authorities immediately stop the civil war, and stop the shelling of cities.”

“Representatives of the Communist Party shouted slogans like “Do not kill our children,” “Stop the fratricidal war,” “Save the Children of Donbass”, “Bring our sons and husbands!””

Members of the Maidan Guard and supporters of Oleg Lyashko’s “Radical Party” came out to confront them: “We support the ATO and expect decisive action from the new president, such as – a referendum to ban the Communist Party and the Party of Regioons. We also demand the closure of the border to the east of the country and to prohibit entry of Russians of military age “- said the extreme right activists.

The police had to come to the rescue of the anti-war protesters. Right wing Ukrainian nationalists shouted “Shame!”, “Communism is fascism,” and “Suitcase-station-Russia!” as Communists were forced to leave.

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