Soldiers’ relatives block military recruitment office in Lviv

Relatives of mobilised soldiers blocking the military registration and enlistment office in Lviv region (western Ukraine) ddemanding that the soldiers should not be sent to the Eastern front

A summary of what is said in the video: “they are taking away breadwinners from families, fathers from kids, not given proper equipment – armour and helmets, etc., young men are taken away through mandatory conscription (evasion punished by 5 years prison), even though they don’t want to go to the east and kill people, but the authorities still call them volunteers; soldiers get in poor health while away but get no treatment; soldiers say that they received no training, don’t know how to shoot a weapon they’re not volunteers, that they’re not going anywhere, will take their uniform off and go home – they say they did not go through medical commission which has to evaluate whether they are fit for service or not”

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