More fascists sent to the East as part of the Ministry of Interior Azov Battalion

According to a VIDEO published by Ukranian Truth (Українська правда) a new detachment of the 1st Azov Battalion of the Ministry of the Interior took an oath before being sent to the East. The oath ceremony was presided by the Ukranian flag and the neo-nazi flag of the “Patriots of Ukraine”. The oath used is that of the far-right nationalists. 

The oath contains the following passages: ” ‘Ukraine, mother of Heroes come down into my heart… Give me bravery so that to come into battle for vengeance… for heroic death of heroes of Ukrainian National revolution, of Ukrainian Nation – colonel Yevhen Konovalets. Basarabova, Shukhevich, Bandera, Danylyshin and Bilas”

These “heroes” are all leaders of fascist and nazi movements during and prior to World War II.

patriotwolfsangelOn May 19 there was another similar ceremony of swearing in of members of neo-nazi organisation Patriots of Ukraine and Brotherhood into the Azov Battalion. They took the same oath and the ceremony was also presided by the neo-nazi flag. This was reported by which published pictures clearly showing the nazi flag.

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