First picket against the war in the Donbas took place in Kiev (+PICS)

Kiev, May 28 (Navigator, Vladimir Raychenko) – “Cynicism of the authorities knows no bounds! Our sons are being sent to shoot at our families, paid for with our money” – such were the slogans of a picket that took place today by the Ministry of Interior building. The protesters demanded that the head of the police force carry out an impartial investigation of the incidents of people being shot by snipers on the Maidan as well as the bloody events in Odessa and the South-East.

“Mr. Avakov [Minister of Interior], enough is enough, we are fed up with your promises, – said Dmitriy Filipchuk, co-chairman of the All-Ukrainian Union “Democratic Trade Unions of Ukraine”, during the meeting. – We are tired of war, lawlessness, and we demand an objective and transparent investigation of the events in which people are dying to this day”.

One could also hear the demand that Andrey Parubiy, secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, is arrested, because, according to the protesters, he “approved the plan of punitive action in Odessa”; and the demand that the Yatsenyuk government resigns, for it “started a civil war in its own country”.

[A separate report in ARENA mentions the fact that activists from the Maidan Defence confronted the protesters and took away the oil drums they were using to make noise]

“Avakov to prison for chaos in the country”

“Europe wake up! Murderers are in power!”

“Avakov to prison for killing people”

“Europe wake up! Murderers are in power!”

“Avakov to prison for killing people”, “Europe wake up! Murderers are in power!”

“Avakov to prison for the witch-hunt”

“Avakov to prison for organising the Odessa killings”, “Avakov to a tribunal”

Source: Navigator – translated by Timur Dautov

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