Ukraine: Junta launches repression against Borotba activists

The Kiev junta has launched repressions against our comrades throughout Ukraine.

In Kiev, there was a search of the flat of Borotba activist Andrew Manchuk. In Kharkov, the Borotba office was seized. In Odessa, local Borotba leader and mayoral candidate Alexey Albu, a survivor of the May 2 massacre, is under threat of arrest. Now none of our comrades can feel safe. Many of them have left their cities or have gone underground.

The central headquarters of ‘Borotba’ calls on all activists and sympathizers to go underground if it is possible and not to appear at your residence, change your phone numbers and take other precautions.

All regional offices of Borotba must discuss methods of secret work.

The junta is getting more cruel but it’s not because of strength, but – out of weakness. The time of victory is not far.

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