Packed meeting in London to launch the campaign in Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine

Over 150 people packed the meeting room in London on June 2 to hear speakers and discuss the launching of the campaign in Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine. Continue reading

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Ukrainian MP criticising war in Donbas is told to “kneel in front of the Army”

Ukranian MP Bondarenko attempted to make a speech denouncing Kyiv’s “anti-terrorist operation” in the Donbass. She was silenced by the Parliament Speaker, Turchynov and told to “kneel before the Ukrainian Army” Continue reading

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Kherson: anti-war demonstration attacked by fascist thugs

On August 30th, a protest against the war in the Donbas and against the raise in the price of utilities in Kherson was attacked by a group of fascist thugs from government party Svoboda and far right coalition Right Sector. The organiser of the protest, Yarobora Kirichenko, ended up with a bloody head and some of the activists were later arrested.  Continue reading

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HRW Luhansk report: At least 300 Civilians Killed since May, Many in Indiscriminate Bombings

Damage at Luhansk central market on August 21, 2014. A large section has been reduced to rubble after being hit twice in three days. © 2014 Harriet Salem/VICE News

Human Rights Watch report, an organisation not suspicious of being anti-Western but precisely the contrary, has just published a damning report on the situation in Luhansk. Ole Solvang, senior emergencies researcher at Human Rights Watch said: “the truth is, local residents are subjected to terrifying daily shelling, much of it apparently unlawful, and that the number of civilian casualties is steadily rising.” Continue reading

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Dnipropetrovsk Communist Party activists arrested without warrant

Sergey Tkachenko

Statement of the Dnipropetrovsk regional Communist Party organization after the arrest of several leading CPU activists in the region: “No to political repression!” Continue reading

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London picket against Western support for bombing of Gaza and Donbas

On August 12, activists picketed the US embassy in London to protest at Western imperialism’s support for the Israel and Ukraine governments criminal campaign against Gaza and the Donbas.

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London: picket of the US embassy, August 12

Picket the US embassy in London. Stop funding Israeli terror in Gaza and Ukrainian terror in Donetsk and Lugansk. Stop the targeting of civilians; stop ethnic cleansing. Continue reading

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Ukraine security service admits detention of Communist Party local secretary Filindash

S. Filindash

S. Filindash

In a post on its website on August 1st, the Ukrainian SBU (Internal Security Service) said it had detained the First Secretary of the District Committee of the Communist Party in Volnovakha, Donetsk, Sergei Filindash. Filindash had been taken from his home on July 30 by masked armed men which did not identify themselves. The Communist Party demands to know where he is being held and to have access to him.  Continue reading

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